Going from Columbus, OH to Salt Lake City. Night time rolls around and guess whose turn it is to drive? I took over in West Branch, IA and needed to drive about 550 miles. We were 250 miles from Omaha so I asked what is 300 miles further on. Even with map in hand he wasn’t sure. I saw York on the map and asked how far from Omaha was it. He wasn’t sure but was sure it was too far. I knew I recognized York but it didn’t click until I got to Omaha. York is were we turned off of US-81 and on to I-80 when going from Texas to Lincoln and is only 90 miles from Omaha. I drove all the way to Ogalalla before it was time to switch. The interesting thing about York is that we were instructed to fuel at the Petro station there. A station I have fueled my personal vehicle at several times.

Another weigh station story. Multiple confusing signs talking about “weigh in route” and then telling pre-pass vehicles to watch the in cab signal and another about watching for instructions. I got the green light in the cab but then two signs on the side of the road lit up telling me to pull in, so I did. Rolled up on the scale and got waved through. Then my mentor wakes up and asks what happened? I explained and he said go by what pre-pass tells me. I figured better to err on the side of caution when unsure.

After we drop this load we grab another and head back to Grand Rapids, MI by the morning of the third. After that we should coast back to Texas.