So the powers that be decided we should indeed take the paper products to Missouri instead of Oklahoma. As it was a very heavy load we went to a scale to make sure we were legal. Not even close. We did the maximum adjustment of the trailer tandems we could and were still 1,500 lbs. to heavy on the back. Back to the shipper we go. Naturally they were not happy to see us. Once we opened the trailer the problem was obvious. Eighteen pallets of copier paper were loaded at the back while all the napkins and paper towels were at the front. I am sure someone got a stern talking to.

Finally about 12:00 noon we got out of there and by 12:30 were done re-scaling. At this point it was good there were two drivers or the load would not have been delivered on time because of the rules about how many hours you can drive at a time. (The Hours of Service or HOS rules)

We got it delivered to Sam’s and now have a load of goods from Keebler that are ultimately destined for New Jersey but we only have to take them to Ohio.