Well I had to pull in to my first weigh station and of course it happened at 2:15AM while my mentor is trying to sleep. Fortunately he woke up enough to hear what was going on. They said the weight was fine but I needed to pull around back and bring my paperwork in. Apparently I didn’t move fast enough as before I could get the truck in gear I was told two more times. From the sleeper berth a voice says “Take all the paperwork, your logbook and the permit book.” I did so and went inside. The looked everything over and decided I was OK.

The reason this is the first time is that there is a system called “Pre-pass” that all the big companies use that gets you around the station most of the time. Not sure of the details but basically you promise to keep your trucks legal and a receiver is put in the truck. When you get near a station it sends a signal telling if you need to pull in. Most of the time it says no.