I didn’t realize how long it had been since I posted, thanks for the reminder Bill!

I have personally driven 7,795 miles since August 23rd.

Have been through Arizona, New Mexico, California, Oklahoma, Colorado, Utah, Kansas, Iowa and Missouri.

Have carried floor coverings, toilets, carbon black, air conditioner parts, natural sodium bicarbonate (the company in Colorado mentioned in the article is where we picked it up), rolls of brown paper, empty beer bottles, and stuff for Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Hobby Lobby and Harbor Freight.

It is amazing how many people at the companies we pick up from or deliver to are rude to truck drivers.  One guy literally wouldn’t make eye contact.

Right now I am home for a few days but go back out Monday for two more weeks with my mentor.  Hopefully I will then pass the final road test and be given my own truck.

Liz is at the school in San Antonio now, she may be blogging about it here.  This was the only way we could get her hired by the company.  Because there are so many people coming back to truck driving due to the economy and the fact that it had been three years since she drove she was not high on the hiring list. Hopefully I will be able to mentor her and in a few weeks we will be on the road together.