Finally getting to do some backing up. Last night I backed in to a space in the truckstop. I managed to back into the trailer behind me but fortunately nothing was damaged and the driver was not in the truck. Today I backed in to a dock when we made the delivery and then later when we dropped off our empty trailer to pick up a loaded one. You have to get comfortable with not being able to see part of what you are doing. If you can see down the driver’s side you can’t see down the passenger’s and vice-versa. You also have to remember to pull forward at the right time to keep things moving smoothly. While I got the trailer cleanly in the spot had I been backing between trailers I would have creamed them both because of the way the trailer curved in to the spot. Once I was lined up I should have pulled forward to straighten out the line of the cab and trailer and then just gone straight back.

Saw a bighorn sheep standing on the side of the highway watching traffic.