So here we sit in a truckstop in Park City, Kansas waiting until tomorrow morning to deliver 40,000 lbs. of sodium bicarbonate. This is going to be a long day especially because my allergies are acting up.

Friday was a rough day. I drove from Denver, over the mountains, to Rifle, CO. Then it was about 35 miles up in to the hills to the mine where they dig, filter and package the stuff. I drove below the speed limit because I was on unfamiliar turf and followed company policy and safety recommendations by going five MPH below the limits posted for curves. Well that was too slow. On the way back, now carrying 40,000 lbs., I had to go full speed and at least the posted limits on the curves. Not fun.

Because of my continuing issues with down shifting in low gears and his bitching about my using the brakes too much I tried to coast to a stop sign but the slight uphill grade got me and we stopped far short of the intersection. This created another mess as I let the clutch out too fast and stalled the truck several times. Of course I had to figure out what was wrong on my own. No help from my “mentor.” Later while on I-70 I had to down shift to get up a hill and lost it in the low gears causing us to come to a complete stop on the highway. Not a good thing. After I got rolling again I asked what speed should I be down shifting at for each gear. He doesn’t know. He “… just knows when to do it. “

Only four more weeks to go. He is planning on going home the 17th or 18th for a few days so at least we will get a break from each other then.