Sorry for the long silence, we have been working some weird hours.

As I said before we were going from San Antonio to Phoenix. It was a trailer full of toilets from American Stamdard destined for a Lowes in Perris, CA. In another effort to game the system he arranged for us to drop it at the terminal in Phoenix in hopes we would get a long run out of there. I did laundry and got a shower. Late in the day the told us to take an empty trailer to the terminal in Fontana, CA. Given the Hours of Service (HOS) rules from DOT I was the one who had hours to drive but even I couldn’t make it and remain legal so we spent the night in a truck stop in Cochella, CA. Overnight we got our next assignment which is to pick up carpeting in La Mirada, CA at 10:00PM CT tonight and take it to Arlington, TX and possibly part of the load to Oklahoma City. So our effort to game the system only got us into a bad work cycle were I drove late last night and then slept until 10:00AM CT and will have to start driving at 10:00 PM CT tonight. Shortly here I am going to try and get some sleep.

Maybe we will get an interesting run on Sunday.