We got rousted from where we were parked, next to the DQ, by the owner of the property. He pointed out the no truck parking signs at the entrence. We played dumb and said we came in via the DQ and didn’t see them. He gave us bogus directions to a place we could park.

Around this time my trainer contacted someone at the company outside his normal chain and discovered they thought we were still in New Mexico never actually having routed us to Seminole. Of course this was all the fault of the driver manager we deal with and nothing to do with us. The fact that there was never real closure about the move from Hobbs to Seminole was not relevant. By doing his end run around the system we now have a pick up in the morning that will get us to San Antonio tomorrow and another the next morning that will take us to Phoenix by Thursday. Who knows what happens after that. Tomorrow I’ll see some parts of Texas I have not seen but I have made the run to Phoenix before.