I drove from Oklahoma City, OK to Amarillo, TX today. The driving part is relatively easy. It is the darn getting going and stopping part that is a bitch.

I started out in fourth gear instead of second which doesn’t work so well with a 37 thousand pound trailer behind you. A few minutes later I didn’t give it enough fuel and stalled again.

I dealt with the construction zones without freaking out even though the only allow a few inches to spare between the concrete barriers, or so it feels.

When it was time to get off the highway the fun started. What little down shifting skils I have deserted me. Nothing seriously dangerous happened but I did exit a little fast and take the corner in to the parking area a little sharp.

After lunch we were back in the truck when a rough looking young woman of questionable morals approached the truck (a “lot lizard”). She asked to borrow the CB to see if anyone in the area needed “their tanks polished or the insides of the cabs cleaned.” Remind me to write more about this later when I have a real keyboard. It was very interesting to listen to.

We arrived in Hobbs, NM around 5:00 PM and don’t deliver until 7:00 AM tomorrow so we are sitting in a truck stop that is just a convenience store with a big parking lot. Not a lot of excitement.

The other interesting thing that happened today was that my mentor asked me “How do you spell ‘Hobbs'” and I told him. Why that is interesting is that he asked in Spanish. I think listening to him talk on the phone to his brother is dusting of some very old neural pathways.

We are now watching a hot copy of “88 Minutos” with Portugese subtitles. Fortunately it is not dubbed so I can understand it. Al Pacino flick.