Several things holding us up. Drug tests did not come back from the lab today. They fired the two people who are the local team that connects us with mentors (road trainers) and that work has shifted to the Memphis office who also have other people in Memphis to find mentors for. And of course now the rumors are flying that there is a shortage of mentors which is probably true. Hopefully things will sort themselves out but I suspect this could stretch in to next week.

We did have a little excitement today. One young guy came down with a bug late yesterday. He had to drag himself in this morning because you can’t miss a day of orientation. He vomited pretty dramatically. Fortunately it was during a break and not many people observed it. By the afternoon he was fully recovered.

My roommate from San Antonio gave me a scare. He is from Dallas and went to visit family last night. He overslept this morning and arrived about three hours late. Sounds like they are working things out with him. Easier since everything is running behind anyway.