I promise I’ll create better subjects than just counting the days.

Got to the terminal about 10:00 this morning and found I had been submitted for a driver number. Around 11:00 it came through and about 15 minutes later I got a call from my mentor saying he was pulling in. I finished lunch, got my stuff and headed for the driver’s lounge to meet him.

He is a fifty year old Mexican who has been driving on and off for years. He is an owner/operator which means the truck is his and he leases his services back to the company. He gets more per mile but also pays for his fuel, permits, licenses, maintenance, etc.

He seems like a decent guy and I think we will get along. He is already teaching me Mexican slang for various obscene things. I’ll probably end up getting in trouble some time down the line for telling a Mexican joke I hear from him.

It was very interesting when he said to the other two guys we were talking to that they were all Mexicans and they both said no. One is a natural born citizen and the other naturalized.

The only bad news so far is that the maintenance on his truck ran long and he is out of driving hours so we will be spending the night in Lancaster, TX.

Tomorrow we go to Oklahoma City and then somewhere in New Mexico.