I never sleep well in a strange bed and this one is rock hard. Not to mention knowing I had to wake up about five this morning. Unlike my last roommate who was an early riser and sort of helped ease me into the day this guy set his alarm for about the same time as me and nothing wakes him up. Not my alarm. Not his alarm. Not the phone ringing. Not the light being turned on.

There were about 25 or 30 people needing a ride to the terminal this morning and a 13 passenger van shows up about 20 minutes before expected. A bunch of us climbed in and then got dumped out at the terminal with no instructions. Eventually we got sorted out and the rest of the folks showed up. Tomorrow I suspect l a few more will drive. This time I don’t have a car as I didn’t want to leave it sitting here for six weeks or more.

We have 12 people who graduated from the academy in the past two weeks. The one guy who was dropped from the list seems to have gotten everthing sorted out. There are between five and 10 people from various other training and the rest are people with class A CDLs already for a total of around 35. Except for the academy students everyone has to get a physical and a company road test. So far one has failed the road test and has to go to the academy if he wants to drive. My roommate passed his.

Of course one of the first things we had to do was give them our licenses so they could make copies. I opened my wallet and mine Is not there. Naturally I nearly had a heart attack as it was there on Sunday when I cleaned my wallet out. You guessed it, I threw it away. Fortunately I didn’t burn the trash like I was going to yesterday and my wife was able to retrieve it. She e-mailed me a picture of it and then sent it FedEx for delivery tomorrow. Talk about a panic attack.

I heard that the one guy from our class who failed the DPS road test on Thursday passed with flying colors on Friday.

Apparently we will spend the next two days doing more paperwork, watching videos and having more people take road tests. At least they feed us lunch. Hopefully we pull out Thursday with a mentor.