Wife, youngest son, daughter and her two oldest children went to Seaworld San Antonio today. Twentyone years ago wife, daughter and first son went there right after it opened. Back then it cost about $20 a piece to get in and all they had were shows. Killer whales, walrus and sea lions, water skiers, etc. It was a total rip off. Now it costs about $50 a piece and they also have rides. Several roller coasters, a log flume, a river ride, and the like. Of course then and now they had over priced food and gift shops. It is still a rip off.

The park is only open eight hours a day. Now this may have to do with the animal acts but it seems to me they could shut them down early and still have the rides. We got there about an hour and a half after opening and saw one show, ate lunch ($45 for two adults and two children), rode three rides and saw the penguin exhibit on the way out. We also had some snacks and beer. $6 for a Shiner Bock. Hell of a way to spend $300. We only paid for two adults and two grandchildren, the other two covered themselves.

I will never go back there. And don’t get me started on average life span of captive killer whales. Oh and none of them are actually named Shamu!