I have been home for a week.  Did some pottery and plan on doing some more.  Didn’t make it to Sherwood Forest.  Celebrated Aidan’s birthday.  Was going to go diving tonight but we actually got rain so I turned around.  Of course later I found out it didn’t rain at the lake.  The rain has been great.  Looks like we got a quarter inch and it is still coming down gently. I also got one closet door put up and will finish another tomorrow.

Next week is when things really begin to change.  Off to Dallas on Monday and hopefully out in a truck by the end of the week.

While I know my Navy son is frustrated about getting set back in school again, for medical reasons both times so no negative impact on his record, I got a silver lining.  His graduation was the week before ACL Festival for which I have tickets.  Now I get to go to the festival with his sister and brother.  It will be the third time with his sister but the first for his brother.