Well I passed the road test.  Need to work on my turns though.  The score sheet has three grades for each thing they check; good, fair, bad.  Other than turns my entire sheet was marked good with one fair for position on the parallel park.  Then you get to the turns section and I lost either 18 or 19 points.  I never hit anything but I didn’t pull out quite far enough and I didn’t turn quite sharp enough and things like that.

Of our group of 12, 11 passed with one having to retake the test that same day.  The 12th person was a guy who had been in my truck all week and was really good but he spent Tuesday and Wednesday psyching himself OUT instead of UP.  We had been told we were practicing all three courses they might use and so naturally our examiner took us on a slightly different route.  I think this is the main thing that tripped him up.  He had to get on 37 South and was focusing on his tachometer and speedometer going up the on ramp and didn’t notice until too late that the on ramp turned in to an off ramp and he was no longer on 37 south.  After that it was just downhill.  The examiner wouldn’t even test him again on Thursday and made him come back Friday.  I don’t know if he passed then or not.  I hope he did as he was a nice guy.

Now I have a week off in which I will probably forget everything.  On the 17th I go to Lancaster, just south of Dallas, for three days of orientation during which I get my employee number and can finally start getting paid.  After the orientation it is out on the road with a mentor to learn how the job is really done.  Hopefully I get a good one.  They teach us all the fine points of adjusting your tandem (back wheels on the trailer) and fifth wheel (the part that holds the trailer and tractor together) to properly balance the load so you don’t get ticketed.  Also dealing with deliveries and pick ups, driving in various conditions, handling the paperwork and everything else that is part of the job. That lasts up to six weeks but hopefully I can get done sooner and move on to actually doing the job.

Swift is not hiring many experienced drivers and since it has been nearly three years since Liz drove she is not prime material even with her HAZMAT endorsement.  Plan B is for her to go to the school as a refresher and then get in to the system that way.  Once I am employed the class will be free as long as she works for Swift for six consecutive months.  We intend to cover the entire country, even the northeast which Liz doesn’t really like driving in but if you have to take the good with the bad.

We had a great get together Friday night.  It was a going away party for another LibreDigital employee and we tacked on my “getting my license” party.  It was good to see that crew again and I am sorry more people weren’t there.  Not to say that there we not a lot of people, just wish some others had been able to make it as well.

I started getting some things done around home this morning.  I wrestled a big sheet of plywood out of the upper level of the storage shed and I am getting ready to cut it down for some shelves for a storage rack I have.  The shelves that came with it are rather flimsy.  Later I will be taking pictures of some of my pottery to put in my Etsy store. We also have Aidan’s birthday party today and this evening I plan on spending at Sherwood Forest.  So I suppose it is time to get off the computer and back to work.