More time spent on the road.  It still goes by pretty quickly, at least when I am driving.  Today was a total mess when it came to shifting.  Down shifting in particular.  I think I may be pushing the clutch in too far, particularly when going from sixth to fifth.  Hopefully it will be better tomorrow as that is the last practice day before the test.

We found out that our orientation is not until the 18th and hopefully we will all be leaving with mentors on the 20th or 21st.  For most of the people this was bad news because it means one more week without a check.  I however am quite happy about it.  I had hoped to take a week off between leaving work and starting training and that didn’t work out so this will replace that.  It means Liz and I get to go see Wicked, much to Erin’s disappointment since she had hoped to inherit the tickets.  This will be the first time in nine years where I have had time off and not had to check in with work to make sure they didn’t need something.  I plan on getting a few things done around the house and throwing a lot of pots.  I might even be able to get a bisque fire in just before I leave.

I realized yesterday that there have been two times in my life when I have made a major decision that changed everything pretty quickly career wise.  Joining the Air Force and deciding to become a truck driver.  Both have involved getting training in San Antonio.  I hope this brings as many good things in to my life as joining the Air Force did.