Well this is it, tomorrow is the big day.  We have to be checked out of here by about 5:15 in the morning.  More paperwork in the morning and then over to DPS for testing starting about 8:00.  There will be two examiners each doing six people at 45 minutes per test plus a probable 90 minute lunch break.  We get to spend the whole time outside and it is predicted to be around 103 for the high tomorrow.  If you fail on the first try, and if there is time, you get to re-test in the afternoon.  Fail again and you can try on Friday.

A new class started today and apparently one of them brought a vial of urine that he kept in his pocket for the test.  One of the first things they do is check the temperature of the sample and it was something like 73 degrees.  He was told he would need to provide another sample and he decided it was time to leave instead.  Why are people so stupid?

Tomorrow should be OK.  I did well enough on the practice runs today and as long as I don’t hit a curb I will pass.  Next is a week off and then the next phase begins.  Up to six weeks out with a mentor to train me on all the details of pickup, delivery, paperwork, and how to do things the Swift way.  Obviously a lot of work on backing in to docks.  I really need to get done in less than six weeks because I very much want to be at my son’s graduation from Navy nuke school at the end of September.