Feeling much more comfortable with the driving.  Sharp corners are still nerve wracking and we are only pulling a 48′ trailer instead of the 53′ ones we will actually use but all in all it is going well.

Weekends feel like I am living two different lives.  One is in San Antonio in a dingy motel and spending my days with a generally less educated crowd.  Then on the weekend I come home to my nice house out in the country which is way beyond the means of most of my fellow students.

This is nearly the end of it all.  We will spend the next three days driving on the three possible test routes so we get comfortable with them.  We will practice parallel parking and straight line backing on the street.  I am sure Monday will start out rough what with having two days out of the truck.  Thursday we have to be checked out of the hotel by 5:30 AM to go take our tests.  No idea why it has to be that early since DPS won’t open until 8:00 AM.  It will be a long day too as we have 12 people testing.  A group that went last week only had about six and they were gone most of the day.