More time on the range doing basically the same thing, backing up.  One more day tomorrow and then we move on to shifting!  Yes we have been doing all this stuff in just second gear and reverse.  We don’t even touch the accelerator pedal!

Tensions are beginning to flair though.  We have one guy, about 29 and an idiot.  He has been married twice, has a girlfriend who has his child, predicts that within a year or two they won’t be together anymore.  When asked how many kids he has he wittily says “Four that I know of.”  I truly think he has a disorder that lets his mouth run before he thinks about what he is saying.  As we headed out the door of the building after lunch today he spouts out “Wow it is hot, that makes me sexier.”  Now this is to a group of two woman and 10 guys.  I hate to think what kind of trouble he is going to get himself into in a truckstop somewhere.

One of the woman is around my age and not had access to any reasonable amount of healthcare during her life.  At the end of each day she is literally limping because pressing the clutch is aggravating the arthritis in her knee.  Granted we probably do a lot more shifting on the range than in a typical day on the road but I still have to wonder how long she will last.

This time tomorrow evening I’ll be home for 24 hours and I am looking forward to it, as if I haven’t mentioned this before.  It is really the goal of the moment.