Well the excitement continues.  What seems challenging one day is pretty mundane the next.  I have reached a point where I am seeing how fast I can get through the parallel parking drill.

Today we began learning how to back in to a dock.  We start out parallel to the dock, back up about 80 feet, turn the wheel so that you end up with the tractor at 90 degrees to the trailer.  Then we back up pushing the trailer around 90 degrees and getting the tractor nearly straight with the trailer again.  After that you pull forward to straighten out and then back in to the slot.  Did it pretty well the first time.  Had to pull up several times on the second attempt but still got it in there.  Our group only had to do it twice each and it seemed like the others were spending a lot more time. Friday and Saturday we continue to do this although Saturday we get to choose what we want to work on the most.  The parallel parking is part of the road test but backing in to a doc is part of the day to day job so I think I will certainly spend some time working on that.

Looking forward to Saturday because we get Sunday off and I plan on going home Saturday night and coming back Sunday evening.  Another opportunity to feel like a person for a day at least.  Living in this hotel gets real old real fast.  My roommate is perfectly nice but going from the room to school and back to the room is just not that much fun.