New challenges today and another player drops by the wayside.

One person was still unable to pass the written exams so she can either leave or start over.  I believe she opted to start over.  We also had one person who had been on “safety hold” return with the new class that started today. Our class is down to 13 and will probably get smaller before we are done.

It was strange listening to the “new kids” and realizing that a week from now half of them will probably be gone.

Today’s challenge was learning to parallel park a semi.  While it is daunting it was actually a lot easier than I expected.  I have not yet perfected it but I can hit everything pretty well and just getting closer to the curb is the final challenge.  Here is the end result of one of my better attempts.


Consider that where I started was the entire width of the truck and then some to the right of where it is parked now.

Looking forward to Saturday as we are off on Sunday and I am going to go home for 24 hours.