A whole week, seems like nothing more than a month already.

Today we actually got to drive a truck.  Forwards and backwards switching between reverse and second.  You don’t use first gear in a truck.  Seems really simple but it was making me crazy.  And it isn’t like I don’t know how to back up a trailer.  Finally I got some advice from one of the instructors that sank in and it got a lot simpler to keep it in a straight line.  Tomorrow we do it again in the morning and then in the afternoon we start learning how to parallel park.  The other big thing we are working on is the “Seven Step Air Brake Check.”  That is the first thing you do on you road test and if you fail that you fail the road test.  As the name suggests it is making sure your brake system is working properly, kind of important when lugging 80,000 pounds of tractor, trailer and contents down the road.

Of the seven who didn’t pass all their tests yesterday, four passed this morning.  The three have one more chances before they have to either leave or start over from the beginning.  We are also curious to see if any of the people who were on “safety hold” will be back tomorrow.  Of course they will be starting over.

I was finally allowed to take some photos.