Thankfully this was a short day because I passed all my written tests.  I now have a permit for a class A CDL and start learning how to actually drive one of those monsters tomorrow. It seems like every time I look at one they get bigger now.

Seven of us passed all our tests and seven failed at least one.  Those that failed had to stick around to watch more videos to prepare for testing again tomorrow.  The day wasn’t without incident.  We got to the DPS station before it opened and got in line. When they opened the doors they informed us the computers were down. Fortunately that did not stop the Texas residents from taking our tests but it did hold up processing the permits themselves and it stopped those from out of state from doing anything.  Finally about 9:00 the computers were back on line.

In the afternoon I got in my truck and drove to a movie theater and watched the new Harry Potter movie.  Good movie but too long.  After that I had a steak for dinner. Actually felt like a real person for a little while just by getting away from this motel.

So tomorrow we get to deal with a whole new set of attitude from a new instructor. I think these guys think we are in basic training or something.