Not much new today.  Five people placed on “safety hold.”  They aren’t kicked out but until their background checks come back they can’t continue.  If they get to come back they also have to start at the beginning again.  It was quite a cross section of the group too.  From the gentleman from New Orleans to the spouse of a current driver.

Today we took some more practice tests and watched more bad videos. If I never see Lew Grill again in my life I’ll be very happy.  I don’t think he was making the rates he charges today when he made the videos we saw.  We did get the braking system explained to us using a mock up of the parts that made it a whole lot more clear. Really a pretty simple and nearly fail safe system.

Tomorrow we get to see inside a truck, oh goodie!  Then more review and more practice tests.  I can’t wait for Monday morning to get here to take the actual tests and be done with it.  Of course after that we will be spending a lot of time outside on the hot pavement but at least we will be doing something.