Interesting start to the day.  Anyone without a high school diploma, transcript or GED paperwork in hand had to take a Scholastic Level Examination.  And no a diploma for an AA in CS from the University of MD wasn’t good enough.  Fifty questions, 12 minutes, have to get 13 correct.  We lost five people because of it, fortunately I wasn’t one of them.  The questions were progressively harder math, english, logic and spacial relations problems.  I skipped most of the math.

One poor guy got told 3/4 of the way through the day that he wasn’t supposed to be in this class but was welcome to come back in two weeks.  This is after being on every roll call they have taken.  Needless to say he was unhappy.

We learned how to “read a map” today.  Look at the table of contents in a good road atlas and see the legend.  Then learn about the index and the mileage charts.  Finally apply that to figuring out how far from point A to point B a few times.

We also began using daily logs.  Lots of drawing lines with a straight edge and making notes about what caused the line to change direction.  Things like “went on break”, “classroom training”, and “lunch.”  We also learned about how many hours you can drive and be on-duty in a day and how you also can’t go over 70 hours in eight days.

The instructor for today and the next three days of going over the CDL handbook would have made a great instructor in basic training. Fairly sure he is OCD and anal retentive.  We actually had to re-align the tables we sit at at the end of the day.

Monday is the day to look forward to.  That is when we take the written tests to get our permit so we can begin driver training in the truck.  If you make it through Monday they have a 98.2% graduation rate.