Two more down which leaves us with 19.  Originally I thought it was background checks but at about the same time a third person got pulled to provide a fresh urine sample.  To much water in his.  Now I can testify that while we were waiting for our turns at the physical he really had to go and finally went so then he spent the rest of the morning drinking water in order to be able to provide a sample.  So the two today probably failed their drug tests.  A shame really because while one of them was clearly from a bad background and had probably not been a “good guy” he asked some really good questions and clearly had a lot going on.  If he had stayed clean for awhile longer before coming down here he probably would have been fine.

We have one guy hanging by a thread because of his lengthy arrest record.  The company wants to know every arrest and he focused on convictions.  I can see both sides of this.  The company assumes where there is smoke there is fire.  From his point of view he is a minority from New Orleans who got hassled by the cops for petty stuff that never resulted in actual charges.  Kind of a catch and release program.  He is working his ass off in class, one of the few who takes notes.  While he is clearly uneducated he isn’t stupid.

Since the office staff has the weekend off we should be at 19 until Monday.  Of course that means anyone booted from then on doesn’t get their seating fee back and owes the company money for training.

Today was practice test day.  We took a test on a topic we read about last night and then reviewed it.  We then took the exact same test again for a grade.  Did this three or four times.  About an hour for each 30 question practice, then 15 to review and then another 30 to take it again.  We do this again tomorrow and Sunday.

We also watched a lot of videos.  The safety videos we watched Wednesday and Thursday were not to bad.  Produced by an independent company with good production values and decent talent.  Today things went down hill fast.  Granted pre-trip inspection is not exactly a topic with Oscar potential but….  The video was from 1990 and it was a Federal Express (before it became FedEx) video.  Then it was just one after another, most of which were about 20 years old.  I think blood was leaking out my ears by the end of the day.

As we get smaller and assume there will be fewer people leaving we are getting to know each other better.  Not a job for anyone who has a problem with foul language or crass behavior.  In class everyone keeps it clean because that is a school rule but I don’t think the various harassment examples from that video really sank in for anyone once we go on break.

So far I am feeling good about the written tests.  Really the point of these five days is to drill so much that we are pretty much guaranteed to get an 80% on each test.  That means on Tuesday we finally get in a truck.  Apparently we will never go much over  5 mph on the range but at least it won’t be sitting in class.