Tomorrow is my last day at my job that is an extension of the last 24 years of my life.  Explicitly the last nine years with this company.  Friday was very strange in that the company founders came  to my going away party and there was some overlap between them and the current management team.  Frankly that either group came was very cool, that both came was even cooler.

So off topic for a while here.  I mentioned in the first post, the part about biting the bullet.  I have come to the conclusion that we are not programmed to do the same thing for our entire lives.  Regularly we see articles about professionals who are not happy with their lives.  It is not like 25 years ago they made the wrong decision it is just that after 25 years they are no longer enamored with the decision they made.  The point I want to drive home to the younger readers is that you need to prepare for this change in your life, something I have not.  While what you are doing now may seem to be the coolest thing in the word it may not in the future.  On the other hand you may love your choices but if you prepare for not loving them you will still be in better shape down the road.  I know several of you are reading various books on getting your financial life in order.  They all say basically the same thing.

  • Pay yourself first – put some money in the bank every pay day and leave it there.
  • Don’t get tied up in credit card debt.  Have one card with a low limit that you use to do things like pay for airline tickets and rent cars.  Pay off the card when the bill comes in.

If you do those things then when the time comes to make a change in your life you will have the financial strength to make the change and not have it cause major disruption.  Change is inevitable but if you prepare for it it won’t be a big shock.