What Started This?

I got fed up with my high tech job of nine years and career of 23 years and I quit.  On July 15th, 2009 I start at the Swift Academy in San Antonio Texas.  Sounds classy doesn’t it.  It is a truck driving school for Swift Transportation.  I am not going in to all the reasons but a frankly a huge part of it is I don’t think we are meant to do the same thing all of our lives and we have to be ready to bite the bullet and move on. More on this thought in a later post.

The Cast of Characters.

SmokeTX – more commonly known as Shawn.

Liz – my wife.  She has driven before for about 16 months a few years ago and should be starting again in about two weeks.  The plan is that no later than Thanksgiving we will be driving as a team.

Erin – Eldest child.  Married to Angelo and proud mother of Aidan, Moira and Olivia.  Erin is a stay at home mom.

Conor – Eldest son.  Married to Amanda and proud father of Ethan.  Conor is in the Navy learning how to take care of a nuclear powered engine.

Ian – Youngest son/child.  Still living at home but working at a Hyatt resort.  Works out great that he is here since someone has to take care of the animals while Liz and I are gone.

I am very proud of my children and their spouses.  They make for a very wonderful family to have.

There is a large supporting cast including parents, brothers, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends who will be introduced as they enter the story.  As of this writing most of them don’t know anything about this.

What Next?

I have never kept a blog and only wrote a diary one summer while I was an exchange student so I don’t know how successful this will be.  Many posts will come via my iPhone so will probably be much briefer.  There will also be Twitter posts, smoketx.


I’ll try to keep this polite but I won’t promise to make it all happy all the time and I won’t promise to make it kid safe.  There are going to be some tough times ahead and you will probably hear about it here in all the gory details.