The 112th Congress of the United States

90% of Americans are not happy with congress (Gallup) yet we will reelect these clowns. I have a simple to comprehend solution for this but it will take a great deal of intestinal fortitude by the electorate.

You see, the problem is that while people believe we should “vote the bastards out” they don’t mean their own bastard. If your congressperson is of the party you like then it is likely you believe they are doing OK and it is everyone else that sucks. Thus when the next election comes around you vote that person back in. Guess what, they ARE part of the problem.

We need to send a simple and strong message to our elected officials by turning out half the house and a third of the Senate at the next election. If they don’t straighten up and fly right after that we do it again and again and again. The polls are the ultimate term limits tool and the only one we need. Face it if we actually got a responsible bunch of people in there shouldn’t we keep them as long as possible.

Now comes the hard part. At the next primary if your party is in power in your district you need to vote against the incumbent. I’m talking the primary here so hopefully that isn’t too painful. If you succeed in removing the incumbent at the primary level your job is done and you can continue to vote for your party in the general election. Now comes the really hard part. If the incumbent wins the primary you will have to vote for someone outside your party in the general election. Preferably for someone who has a chance of wining. Typically that means crossing party lines and voting for the person you can’t stand.

The point here is not to put a particular party in power it is to remind congress who the boss is, we the people, not we the corporations.

Simple solution, hard to make happen.

BTW those 10% that are happy with congress should have their voter registration cards revoked. 🙂

Recover deleted file from SVN using Eclipse and Subversive

1.Select the folder in the project that contained the deleted files.
2.Right click, select Team > Merge…
3.On the URL tab, set the URL to the server URL for the same folder.
4.In Revisions, select Revisions and enter a range that includes the deletion, e.g. 1000-1001, or use the Browse button to select them.
5.In Revisions, enable Reversed merge
6.Click Preview and check that it shows an Added entry for the files you plan to restore.
7.Click OK – Eclipse switches to SVN Merge in the Synchronize view.
8.In the Synchronize view, right click the files you want and select Accept
9.In the Synchronize view, use the Synchronize SVN icon to switch from SVN Merge to SVN, where you can see the restored file as an outgoing change.

SVN Output to Console in Eclipse

In Windows:
Window –> Preferences –> Team –> SVN –> Console. Select the “On output” radio button in the “Show console automatically” section

In OS/X:
Eclipse –> Preferences –> Team –> SVN –> Console. Select the “On output” radio button in the “Show console automatically” section

Random 500 errors in ColdFusion form posts

For lots of gory details start here:

Solution is to locate the neo-runtime.xml:

{ColdFusion-Home}/lib for Server installation


{ColdFusion-Home}/WEB-INF/cfusion/lib for Multiserver or J2EE installation.

Find this line:
<var name=’postSizeLimit’><number>100.0</number></var>

Add or edit the line below after the one above, change 100 to what ever works for you.
<var name=’postParametersLimit’><number>100.0</number></var>

Oracle thin client and Coldfusion

Don’t forget to put the path to the ojdbc file in the Java classpath.

Les Misérables

Been a long time since I’ve written here and it seems kind of weird to make the new post a review of a movie but several people have asked about my thoughts after I posted I was seeing it today.

It was a “good” movie. I’m sure it will do well at the box office. I’m not nearly as critical of the cinematography and editing as my youngest son and wife are but apparently it wasn’t up to par. I will agree that it was way to much “in your face” or maybe “in their face.” I’ve seen the show once on stage and of course that is all at a distance. It seemed like every other shot was right up someone’s nose.

Russell Crowe tried his hardest and looked great in the role but his voice just wasn’t really up to it. I don’t fault him for that, I fault the people who did the casting. Hugh Jackman did better but wasn’t really there for everything either. I confess I missed Anne Hathaway’s big part but was told she would have hit it out of the park had the camera not been up her nose and down her throat.

Sasha Barron Cohen and Helena Bonham Carter were perfectly cast and pulled of their parts splendidly. One review Liz read said they were “over the top.” Well, yeah, they were supposed to be.

Young Cossette was amazing. That young lady nailed the part vocally and acting wise. Amanda Seyfried and Eddie Redmayne were also excellent even if he is strange looking.

The recording of the singing live worked sometimes and was a disaster other times. In the end they should have re-recorded all of the singing in the studio with a full orchestra so they could have maximized the voices quality and used the orchestra to better effect.

Oh by the way, it is long. Fortunately the Lost Pines 8 has a full bar.

House Buying Nonsense

This is my 135th post which according to WordPress is some sort of milestone so I hope this is worthy of it.

I’m not sure just how long mortgage companies and title companies and insurance companies have been working together to make it possible for us little people to purchase a house but I’m thinking it has been decades, maybe even over 100 years, maybe even longer. You’d think they would really have all the kinks worked out and yet today I get CC’ed on the following e-mail from our insurance company to one of the two people from the mortgage company we are working with.

Hi Daniel,
I received the Evidence of Ins[urance] request you sent me yesterday, sorry I was not able to respond to you until today as I was out of the office yesterday.

I also received an Evidence of Ins[urance] request form from Sandra P, the information is a little different on her form.
So I need to verify which Evidence of Insurance Request form I should be using and whom should I correspond with on the Closing.

Is there an Appraisal available? If so can you Email me a copy.

Sandra gave me the following info.
Closing Date 03/15/2012
Name and address of the mortgage company

This raises several questions. Why are multiple people from the mortgage company conversing with the insurance company? Why are the two mortgage company people asking for or providing “slightly different” information? Why doesn’t Sandra know the closing date is 3/26/2012 and not 3/15/2012? And outside of this exchange why has Sandra been asking me for documentation I supplied to Daniel a couple of weeks ago?

I’ve also had to supply a copy of the canceled check for the earnest money. I guess the mortgage company doesn’t trust the title company.

We are talking multi-billion dollar corporations here and yet this kind of crap happens.

Last time we went through this e-mail wasn’t as pervasive as it is today so we wouldn’t have been included on the minutia and I guess they handled this all by phone and fax. Amazing anything got done. On the other hand it is also amazing that with all the new technology it still takes 30 days to close typically.

I can’t wait for the end of March and yet I’ll still be crossing my fingers that somewhere someone hasn’t screwed up about the payoff of the old house and we won’t suddenly be told we still owe on it. I’ve read about this happening in this whole foreclosure mess.

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